Dr. Bálint Németh

More than 15 years of experiences in dental surgery and aesthetic dental treatments. We pay special attention on aesthetics as well, implantation and bone grafting are performed with the most advanced materials.


  • Universität Bern, Klinik für Oralchirurgie und Stomatologie
  • Master Course in Regenerative and Esthetic Periodontal Therapy
  • Master Course in Esthetic Implant Dentistry
  • Master Course in GBR and Sinus Grafting Procedures
  • Semmelweis University of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry
  • Dento-alveolar dental surgeon
  • Doctor of Dental and oral diseases
  • Dentist

Dental license is active in Norway!


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Our aim was not only to provide the best technical and professional background, but also to create a pleasant atmosphere.

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We welcome our patients after pre-arranged appointment to shorten the often long and inconvenient waiting time.

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